Supported Employment


Job Placement

(continued) Supported Employment staff assist the consumer with the application process including job application completion and interviewing.


Support for the development of entreprenuerial pursuits is an option for consumers who wish to work independently. Assisting an individual to develop and operate a micro-enterprise is part of the Supported Employment model.


Long-term Support 

Once the consumer is hired, Supported Employment staff accompany the consumer to the job site and assist with initial job training. Long term support includes accompanying the consumer to the job site,  monitoring, supervision, and assistance with job tasks. Travel to and from the job site is included in the Supported Employment service.


Supported Employment for NC Innovations consumers is a great opportunity for consumers to gain work experience and to earn a paycheck. 


For more information on A Caring Heart's Supported Employment services, please contact the QP in the A Caring Heart office nearest you.



Community Networking


(6) Community Connections: (continued)

Participation in community settings that allow the individual to associate and form relationships with non-disabled peers;


(7) Staffing Supports: For children to attend day care/after school/summer programs that serve typically developing children;


8) Tuition and Conference Fees: 

Payment for attendance at classes and conferences.


For more information on A Caring Heart's Community Networking services, please contact the QP in the A Caring Heart office nearest you.



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