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NC Innovations Services Provided by A Caring Heart

A Caring Heart provides NC Innovations Waiver services in three MCO service regions:  Alliance Health, Eastpointe, and Trillium Health Resources.  We provide an array of community-based services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our services promote individual choice, empowerment and community inclusion.

Habilitative Services


Habiliative services provide instruction to individuals to help them learn, retain or improve skills for maximal functioning. Skill-building focuses on self-care, household maintenance, social and communication skills, money management, social and community inclusion, mobility, employment, and self-regulation.


A Caring Heart provides the following NC Innovations Habilitative Services:


  • Community Living and Support

  • Day Supports (Individual/Group)

  • Community Networking

  • Supported Employment

  • Residential Supports 

Non-Habilitative Services
CLS and Respite

Non-habilitative services provide individuals assistance with maintaining healthy living and with accessing their communities. Services include assistance with meal preparation, laundry, cleaning immediate living area, bathing, personal hygiene, maintaining a safe environment, medical equipment monitoring and maintenance, and medication administration.  Respite services provide relief to the primary caregivers and can include any of the above listed services.


A Caring Heart provides the following NC Innovations Non-Habilitative Services:


  • Community Living and Support (Personal Care Component)

  • Respite (Individual/Group)

Other Support Services 
Specialized Consultative Services
A Caring Heart contracts with Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) to provide guidance, training, and technical assistance to A Caring Heart's consumers, their families and staff.  This service addresses consumers' needs for on-going intervention to maintain healthy, productive lives in their communities.
Community Navigator Services

A Caring Heart's Community Navigator Services assist 

individuals and their families with identifying and accessing community resources and with advocating for educational services that meet the individuals' needs.  Per waiver standards, A Caring Heart only offers this service to consumers not

receiving direct support services from A Caring Heart.

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