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A Caring Heart's B3 Medicaid Waiver and State-Funded Services

A Caring Heart provides B3 Medicaid Waiver Services to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who are not enrolled in the NC Innovations Waiver program.  A Caring Heart provides B3 Respite, Supported Employment, Community Living and Facilities Support (CLFS), and Community Guide services for Medicaid eligible individuals. In addition, A Caring Heart provides state-funded services in some offices. For more information on B3 Medicaid and state-funded services, contact the A Caring Heart office in your community.

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 B3 Respite

B3 Respite is a support service that provides relief to the primary caregiver of individuals with I/DD. Respite services may be provided in the home or community, overnight and for extended periods up to 10 days. A Caring Heart provides overnight respite at its respite facility in Wilson. The respite provider attends to the needs of the consumer including nutrition, activities of daily living and safety.


Community Living Facilities and Support (CLFS) is a blended service that assists individuals with residential supports, day program activities, and supported employment. There are 5 levels of CLFS. Levels range from day services only to group home living with day services. Individuals must have I/DD, be at least 22 years old, eligible for Medicaid, and currently receiving services.

 Supported Employment

A Caring Heart provides B3 Supported Employment to assist individuals with choosing, acquiring and maintaining competitive employment.

Community Guide

Community Guides advocate for individuals in educational settings and in other organizations, and assist with identifying non-Medicaid funded community supports.

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