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Our Habilitation Team

Our Qualified Professionals


Each participant is served by a team of individuals comprised of habilitation technicians and a supervisor, with a clinical designation of Qualified Professional.


We carefully select our Qualified Professionals (QPs), all with at least a four year college degree and two years experience in the intellectual/developmental disabilities field, based on their professional reputations in their communities.

We offer on-going training to ensure that our QPs are knowledgeable in the most current therapeutic approaches and resources for the habilitation of individuals with intellectual/developmental  disabilities.  As a result, the individuals and families we support receive the services that best meet their needs.












Our QPs:

  • Assist the family with finding the best support staff for their loved one.  The family and the individual served choose the staff person(s) to provide direct support services to them.  QPs stay closely involved to ensure quality services are being provided.

  • Supervise all services provided to the consumer through monthly observations at home, work, and/or in the community.

  • Assist with developing the Individual Support Plan for accessing and using resources that can meet identified needs based on the individual’s and family’s strengths.


  • Develop short range goals that the individual/family wants to work on in order to increase the individual’s independence.


  • Work with the care coordinator and other team professionals to ensure family needs are being met.

Our Habilitation Technicians
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Our habitation technicians (hab techs) are either associate professionals (APs) or para-professionals.  APs have a four year degree and are gaining the years of experience in the field necessary to qualify as a QP.  Paraprofessionals have at least a high school diploma and prior experience working with individuals who have intellectual/developmental disabilities. 

Our hab techs work with individuals providing one-on-one instruction for           habilitative training (home and community supports).


They monitor the person’s progress towards goals and provide input on any necessary changes to the goals.


Our hab techs also provide personal care services to ensure the individual’s health and safety needs are met.  This includes assistance with bathing, dressing, eating,     housekeeping, etc. 


Our hab techs provide respite in order to give relief to caregivers.

Training and Supervision:

All habilitation technicians receive training in the following:  CPR/First Aid/AED, Safety Care®, Bloodborne Pathogens, Medication Administration, Seizure Training, Core Competencies, Client Specific Competencies, Dementia, Cyber Security and approximately eight hours of safety training that covers areas such as defensive driving, weather emergencies, and lifting/transferring a consumer safely.


All hab techs receive ongoing supervision by a QP to ensure all requirements are met and receive on-going clinical supervision to ensure that our agency is providing the highest quality services available.



For more information on our hiring requirements or to complete A Caring Heart employment application, please visit our Work with ACH page.

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