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A Caring Heart's Consumer Advisory Board

A Caring Heart’s Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) is part of A Caring Heart’s leadership and governing bodies. CAB members either receive services from A Caring Heart or are parents, relatives or legal guardians of someone who does. CAB provides information and feedback to A Caring Heart about its services, outcomes, and the perception of A Caring Heart within the communities in which it serves. CAB provides other information and assistance that helps A Caring Heart better serve its consumers and consumers’ families and the greater community. CAB members also represent A Caring Heart at community events and advocate for the larger community of people with disabilities.

Recent CAB projects include hosting and organizing a company-wide luau, reviewing and giving feedback for the development of the company's consumer handbook, assisting consumers complete the annual consumer satisfaction survey, and holiday parades and songfests.  

If you are an individual that receives services from A Caring Heart or if you are a parent or legal guardian of someone who does, and would like to know more about participating in CAB, please contact Sandy Harris, QA Specialist, at


Click on the heart to view and hear a read aloud version of the A Caring Heart Consumer Handbook.

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