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NC Innovations Habilitative Services

In addition to Day Supports and Residential Supports, A Caring Heart also provides the following NC Innovations Habilitative Services: Community Living and Support, Supported Employment and Community Networking.

Community Living and Support


Community Living and Support (CLS) is a blended service that consists of an array of services that promote habilitation and skill-building to enable the individual to acquire and maintain skills plus a personal care component to assist with activities of daily living, both of which support more independence. The service is provided in the individual's home and community.

A Caring Heart focuses on three key areas of support and skill-building when providing this service:


1. Interpersonal skills and development such as communication and social skills.


2. Community living skills, such as shopping, recreation, personal banking, grocery shopping, and community safety.


3. Activities of Daily Living such as personal hygiene, meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry. Training with therapeutic exercises, supervision of self- administration of medication, home safety. (Go here for a more detailed description of personal care component of CLS).


Supported Employment


Supported Employment Services provide assistance with choosing, acquiring, and maintaining a job for individuals ages 16 and older in a competitive job setting.


Pre-employment Training

A Caring Heart works closely with the consumer throughout the employment process.  Using the person-centered approach, our QPs and Supported Employment staff assist the consumer with deciding what type of work is best for him/her and with choosing prospective employers and work schedule.  Pre-employment skill building includes job search, application completion, interviewing, and employability skills such as punctuality, personal versus professional relationships, personal hygiene, and communicating needs.


Job Placement

Once an employer is chosen, our professional staff (QP) assists with job placement - meeting with the prospective employer to 

determine the compatibility of the employer with the consumer and to advocate for the consumer's employment. Supported Employment staff assist continue


Community Networking


Community Networking services focus on integrating the individual with his/her non-disabled peers within the community.


A Caring Heart consumers use

Community Networking services to integrate and participate in their communities through the following venues:


1. Education: Adult education classes to enhance reading and math skills; continuing education and community based classes for the development of hobbies or leisure/cultural interests; 


2. Volunteer work:  Un-paid work typically completed by a non- disabled person;


3. Community Organizations

Participation in formal/informal associations and/or community groups; 


4. Self-advocacy: Training, education and practical application of self-determination skills;


5. Public transportation: Training on use of public transportation such as buses for greater community access and independence; 

(6) Community Connections

Participation continue


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